Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 2: Delhi to Agra to Kanpur

It was a fresh morning today with a little cover of fog around the city. We got a knock at the door, I opened the door to find a service man carrying a kettle having tea. He was serving the morning tea to every room in the guest house. We had the tea and got ready, as we were supposed to have our Breakfast and then depart for Agra.
Having had corn flakes and bread in our breakfast, we moved towards the reception of the guest house to find the Rotarians Rtn ML Aggarwal, Rtn Amit Jain, and Rtn VK Jain waiting for us. We greeted them and then, as were getting late, Rtn Amit Jain, flagged our trip off.
Then while on the way to Agra, we were met by Rtn Lokesh Gupta. He gave us some namkeens and atte ki pinni to eat on the way and the literature and other relevant material relating to the campaign. It was a very nice moment that time. We clicked some pics while waiting for Rtn Lokesh Gupta ji.

As Lokesh ji left us, we started for Agra. The journey till Ballabhgarh was very tiring and full of traffic jams. But, the NH2 after Ballabhgarh was really very smooth and awesome. We enjoyed riding through the smooth roads and mesmerized the along lying sarson fields. But, the main problem I faced on the roads was people coming from here and there and having no sense of crossing the roads. They were surpassed by the Trucks coming from the opposite direction(wrong way) on our road. It was really scary and we were made to drive very cautiously and carefully. Anyways, then taking rest for about 2 times on the way, we reached  Agra, covering a distance of about 240 kms and driving for 4 hours. Some pics of our journey till Agra.

We reached Agra at 1:30 pm. Rtn Shivraj ji (NPM), Rtn Inder Chand Jain ji(President), Rtn Jagjit Singh ji(Club Trainer), and Rtn Mrs. Mithilesh Jain (Secretary) were their to receive us at Prem Food Court. We, then had our discussions regarding our mission and the trip we are carrying out. Then came the press people, who asked us about our mission etc. After that, we had our lunch and then as the time was flying by, we completed our lunch and headed towards the parking where our motorcycles were parked. While I was walking towards the parking, a waiter came nearby and asked me if I was their to perform something. To which I replied, "Yes buddy, we are here to perform something, which is 'CREATING AWARENESS ABOUT POLIO'". (I could not click pics there)
Some pictures that we clicked enroute to Agra.

Leaving from Agra, we had a very nice journey to Kanpur. The NH2 being a very nicely constructed Highway, left us with not much tiredness. We, then reached Kanpur at around 7:30pm. We were met by the DRR nominee for 2012-13 Rtr Ankit Aggarwal. He took us to the guest house where we were supposed to stay at night and had dinner with us, which I liked a lot. We discussed about many projects, different cultures of our places etc. It was a wonderful meeting with him. He left after that. And I am writing this blog.
Some pics enroute to Kanpur.


  1. Great going, Gaurav and Deepak. Remember, in olden times, very special people were assigned to carry the message across to the people, and wake them up. People always looked forward to such messengers of peace, goodwill and friendship. You're on a similar mission. People will remember you for your visits and especially the Rotarians and Rotaractors would remember it for the tasks they have to accomplish, to 'End Polio'.

  2. We are grateful sir. Being a part of Rotaract Family, Its our duty to help the people of this world.

  3. Great work, Guys. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a grand welcome to the pride of the community here in Chandigarh.