Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 4: Varanasi to Dhanbad

We were supposed to wake up at 5:00 am today. But as we were tired a lot, we woke up at 6 am, that too at the wake up call of the receptionist. We ordered some tea. Getting freshened, we got ready in not much time. Then, we left the Diamond hotel and collected two newspapers which covered our story yesterday. We, then moved on towards the GT Road. On the way was the Raj Ghat Pul, where we halted for sometime and clicked some morning pics.
Some pics clicked.

Then clicking pics, we moved on towards the GT Road. We were at once shocked at watching a board reading Dhanbad 550kms from Varanasi. But, thankfully it was only 420kms. We faced many challenges while riding our bikes. Bungee cords again didn't prove to be much of a help initially, our bags were not fixed. But, later on, I got an idea of fixing our bags with another bungee cord which  proved to be very beneficial. Then, it was fixed like glue on the rear seat and I drove the bike very easily.  Then, after driving 120kms, we reached a dhaba called Kajal Line hotel at some village in Bihar. Had different type of aalo ka paranthas there. While we were having our breakfast, we met  a person from Patna, who was a doctor by profession. He offered us some sweet dish prepared by his mom, and we really liked it. Also, while discussing about Naxalism in the nearby areas, we got to know about a looting incident, which happened only last night. The truck driver was beaten very harshly and the things were looted. We were somewhat scared at that. But, spirit didn't go. We just saw each other and moved on.

Some pics clicked.
The truck that was looted a night before.

 Then we kept moving on. There was a different scene in this area from that in UP. Here, we found date trees and some dense forests along the road side. The villages were different too. The huts were built with the help of straws used as their rooftops. Every villager had goats, buffaloes etc kept as their pets. It was altogether a new scenic view in front of us. After riding for another 120kms, we halted at some open area as we were scared to halt at a place where dense forests surrounded the roads. We clicked many photographs there. Some of those are

 After this rest, we decided to reach Dhanbad without any further stay in between. Then, in another 2 hours, we reached Dhanbad. Where, President Rtn Viresh Doshi had made arrangements for us at a hotel, Abhinandan Hotel. We were escorted to the hotel. Then, after we got freshened, Viresh ji called his friends and fellow rotarians to the hotel, where we had our lunch together. After the lunch, They took us to the Free Jaipur Limb Center, which is their own project. The centre gives free jaipur limbs to the needy. This project was started three years ago with the help of the wife of Late Rtn Gerrey Powell from UK. The project manager and incharge of the center, Rajesh Prashad ji showed and explained about the center. We had our photo session with Dainik Jagran outside the center and then a discussion about polio amongst us all, including the reporter. I explained them about the mission, we are taking the expedition for. It was great learning that people from the nearby regions were well aware about the Polio Vaccine and they regularly got their children immunized. After the discussions,we left the place.
 Some pics clicked there.

After the Center, we left for a repair shop. Our bikes needed some service. So we met the mechanics Green Singh ji(not hari) and Umesh Singh ji. Umesh Singh ji repaired my bike and Green Singh ji repaired Deepak's bike. They were very happy to learn that we have driven all the way from Chandigarh to Dhanbad. They refused to take money from us, but we gave them the money forcibly. Then, we came back.
Some pics clicked there.

After the service, we came back to the hotel and slept for good 3 hours. Then at night, we were invited for the new year party by PDG Rtn Kamal Sandhvi ji.We enjoyed there and then came back to the hotel and am writing this blog now.
Some Pics clicked.


  1. Hello deepak and gaurav.

    First of all i wish both of you a very happy new year.

    Remember me, its Shivam, me, parminder, and ranjeet sir met you in varanasi.

    Your pic at rajghat bridge looks good, seems that you enjoyed the "subahe banaras", i.e morning of varansi.

    And the new year eve pics shows you enjoyed the party well.

    The truck loot story was a bit scary, but as you said, spirit goes on, so keep going.
    My best wishes are with both of you.

    Shivam Srivastava
    Rotaractor, Varanasi.

  2. Dear Gaurav and Deepak,

    Wish you both a very happy new n prosperous year ahead.I really appreciate your spirit and guts.Spreading a word of Polio eradication is a very noble deed.Going through this blog I felt that you both are doing your job in a great way.Would just like you both to consider this small suggestion,please avoid taking any eatables or stuff like that from an unknown person on the way.Good luck and my best wished to you both.


  3. @Shivam. Thanks buddy. :)
    @Aditi. sure. u r rite i will take care in future