Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 12: Madurai to Trivandrum (320km).

We woke up at around 6:30 in the morning and got ready. I started writing blog and then I received a call from Akram, who was coming to direct us the route till the National Highway from our guest house. He told me, he was coming at 7:45am. Then, I asked Deepak to get up and get ready very soon. Akram came at around 7:50am and we both were ready. When we were about to leave, I realized, my helmet was not there in the room. We searched everywhere around, asked the receptionist also, but no where it was to be found. Then, Akram told me he saw the helmet hanging onto the rear view mirror of my bike, last evening. He went to see the bike, if it had my helmet. In the meanwhile, I checked out from the room. Akram came with my helmet with him. Phew! It was so relaxing. We proceeded towards the parking to leave for Trivandrum. We reached some petrol pump, and got our tanks refilled. We bade Akram farewell there and promised him to see him at Rotasia.
We rode for around 100kms and reached some dhaba for our morning breakfast. Onion Uttapam, Vadai, Chai was what we ordered in the breakfast. Uttapam was good. Having breakfast, we left for Kannyakumari. It was my dream to travel all the way to Kannyakumari on my motorcycle, that too with covering the coastal region of India. It was my dream coming true. We saw empty roads and around 2 people per every 5kms. It seemed as if we were in the Central America. When we were nearing to Kannyakumari, we saw many windmills installed in the fields and other areas. They were hundreds of Windmills. I never saw windmills in India before. The roads were awesome with very green vegetation all around. The temperature was bit humid too. We reached Kannyakumari at around 12:30pm and Rtn Peter and his fellow Rotarians were waiting for us there. They received us with shell garlands. There were present the media also. They interviewed me and then we left for watching the Triveni, the confluence of the three oceans-The Bay of Bengal, The Indian Ocean and The Arabian Sea. It was a dream come true situation for both of us and we both just screamed out of joy. The Rotarians accompanying us, were just seeing what we were doing. But, seriously it was a very proud feeling that we had done it. We traveled from Chandigarh to the foot city of India, Kannyakumari. The roads ended, but our zeal and passion never did. We had our lunch at some hotel nearby and then we left for Trivandrum.
 The road from Kannyakumari to Trivandrum was full of pits and ditches. But, the view on the roadsides was just an eye catcher. There were coconut trees all around and the vegetation was greener than the green  plants. It was just a great ride. We reached Trivandrum at around 5:15pm. Rtn Peter and his co Rotarians were waiting for us at the inspection bungalow of BSNL at Vellayambalam. When we reached the bungalow, we were received with the flower garlands and I had an interaction session with the Rotarians. I told them about our experience so far and how I created awareness among the people. Then, we were directed to our room and we got freshened up. The caretaker of the bungalow cooked us tea. After the tea, we went out to meet my senior, Alok sir. When, I went to his hostel, I met 2 of my other seniors also. It was a real fun time. We met after so long and that too at such a far place like this. We went out for dinner at Imperial. After the dinner, I took their leave. Then, Deepak and I went to my other senior, Abhishek sir  who was residing some 1-2miles away. I went to his hostel and he was astonished to see me. We sat in his room for sometime and then came of out of his room to go back to our place. While we were going down on the stairs, we found Anurag Pandey sir coming upstairs. He saw me coming down and was stunned for a moment. Literally speaking, he was dumbfounded when he saw me there out of nowhere. More shock was yet to come, when I told him, I was on my bike. He was like, Gaurav you have gone mad or something. Then, we went o his room, to see my other seniors sitting. They were shocked too. We had some talks for a while, and then we both left their hostel. We came back to our room and slept.

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