Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 6: Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar.

We woke up at 3:30am, as we had to travel 450kms today to go to Bhubaneshwar. I called Vishal on his cellphone, so that he dropped us till the Kona Expressway through the Second Hoogli Bridge. So, Aunty and Vishal came to see us off. We,  were dropped till Second Hooogli bridge, and seeking aunty's blessings and bidding Vishal good bye, we both started on the Kona Expressway towards Mumbai on NH6. Riding for a few kilometers, we felt sleepy. So, we took a halt at a local Dhaba, so that we could take a nap for a while and have tea. We talked to the dhaba wala and fortunately, he could converse in hindi very well. So, I talked to him about Polio. I asked him, if he knew anything about polio, and to my surprise, he knew about the disease. So, I didn’t have to tell him much about the mission of mine. I just told him that we are traveling all over India to create awareness among the people of India,   about the dreaded disease. Then, after a while, a truck driver from Punjab came to the dhaba, which made us happy.  I had a talk to him for a while and then we left.
Some pictures are:

Then, we reached Kharagpur, from where we had to take NH60 to catch NH5. The road leading to NH5 was very bad. Lots of potholes, etc made our backs paining like anything. Then, the nightmare ended and we caught NH5 after 30kms. After some time, the roads of NH5 also came out to be very bad. But, that was for very less time. We kept moving towards Bhubaneshwar. While on the road, we took a halt for our lunch. Having lunch, we moved towards Bhubaneshwar.  We reached Bhubaneswar at around 3 in the afternoon. We checked in into Arya Palace hotel near Railway Station. Then, we got fresh and had our lunch with Rtn. Bhabani Prasad Chowdhary ji and PDG Rtn Narendra  Kumar Mishra. I had Lobster for the first time. While having lunch, Narendra sir told me about the route to Konark and Puri. After having our lunch, we both started off for Konark to see the famous Sun Temple, and then from konark, we went to some local beach. It was good. Then, we went to Puri to see Jagannath Temple. But, we could not go inside, as thousands of devotees were there to worship at the temple. 

Then, we just came back from the outside of the hotel. Then, we moved back towards Bhubaneswar. There was a lot of traffic on the road leading to Bhubaneswar. Some how, we managed to reach Bhubaneswar early. When we reached the hotel, I got a call from Siddhanth, who is a member of bikers club called XBHP. He read my post on XBHP’s forum, so he wanted to meet me. Then, he stayed with us for a while and then left us for wanted to take some rest, as we were tired a lot. So, we went to sleep after that.