Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 7: Bhubaneswar to Vishakhapatnam(Vizag)

We left  Bhubaneswar at around 8am after having morning tea. The guard of the hotel was watching us with awe and was wondering who are these nomads. Then, we again got onto the NH5. Then, riding for around 65kms, we turned to the left of the road to go to Chilka lake. We stayed there for around 10-15 minutes. Then, again moved on to Pantha nivas guest house near  the lake, to have prawns. But, when we reached the guest house, we go to know that the restaurant was going to open after 12:30pm, but we were there at around 10:15pm. So, being sad, We moved further to visit Berhampur on the way, where the Rotarians and rotaractors were waiting for us. We were interviewed by the print and electronic media. After the interviews and photograph shoot, we went in to have dinner. Later on we were joined by the first lady of the district to have lunch with us. We had lunch together. Then, after sometime, our old friend came to see us. She was in Chandigarh a few years ago and came back to Berhampur. As we were running short of time, we had to rush and that’s why we could not meet her very well. We bade her farewell and moved on.

While riding on the road, we were supposed to visit Ichhapuram which was on the border of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, to see some Rotarians there. We were told to stay at the bus stand to wait for the Rotarians. While we were waiting for the Rotarians, we were met by a Sikh person. We were very happy to see him. He told us that he was there for some business tour and he resided in Amritsar. It was nice talking to him. In the meanwhile, the Rotarians came and we had talks. One of the Rotarians offered me coconut water, which was really good. In sometime, the reporters came in and we were interviewed and photographed. As we were already short of time, we both left the place very early.
We drove to Vizag in a single go, i.e. 200kms in one go. Then, we reached  Vizag at around 5pm, but the media people were called at 4pm. Rtn Vardha Reddy, Rtn DK Reddy etc. were present to receive us at the hotel. After they all received us, we went to our rooms and got ready for the press meet. After the press conference, we came back to our room and took shower to refresh ourselves. Then, Rtn, Vardha Reddy ji and Rtn DK Reddy ji came to pick us up from the hotel. They showed us the city of silk. They took us to the beaches, showed Dolphin hill, the only submarine kept in India etc. While in the car, they were both telling us about the city’s most known places and things. We reached Waltair Club in a short time. The club is 150 years old. We had Andhra’s local cuisine and I really liked it. After the dinner, we were both dropped at the hotel.  And in the hotel, I updated the blog for the ride till Kolkata, as it was delayed because of shortage of time.  Then, after that we slept.


  1. love u brothers......mandi bhai mandi bhai...aaaaahhhhaaa aaahhaaa...DJ bhai DJ bhai..aaaaahhhhhaaa aaaahhaa...

  2. Great you met a guy from Amritsar and felt happy talking to him. But just remember, how many ROTARIANS and ROTARACTORS from diverse cultural background you met on the way? How did they filled your life with joy and warmth of friendship. That's the beauty of Rotary. Once you are out in the world, and in the circle of Rotarians, you forget your own cultural identity and emerge as someone unique who has such a large extended family everywhere, to receive you and welcome you in their homes. What an experience guys. I envy you. Good luck.

  3. I second you sir. It was really awesome to meet different people from different cultures all over India. I will cherish those moments throughout my life.