Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 9: Vijayawada to Chennai.

We woke up at 7 in the morning and got ready for the day’s ride. Then at around 7:45am, we went to have our breakfast at the restaurant, which was complimentary with the stay. We had a very healthy breakfast, which included fruits, idli, vadai sambhar etc. Then,  after that, we checked us out of the room and then proceeded towards our bikes. with no more wasting of time, we left for Chennai. After running for around 15 kms, we stopped at a filling station, to refill bike’s tanks.  Believe me, the roads up to 50kms after Vijayawada were so horrible, that once we thought of stopping there and taking a truck to transport our bikes till Chennai. But somehow we managed to cover that bad stretch and then kept moving. After around 130 kms, we took a halt for some rest. There, we both slept for around half an hour on the roadside with the sunlight falling straight on the face. It was a very sound sleep, which refreshed both of us. We had tea at a nearby Dhaba, and then proceeded further. 

After around 130 kms of drive, we stopped at a city called Nellore, where Rtn Bharat Reddy sir and his co Rotarians were waiting for us. We were received at some Murli Krishna Restaurant, where we had our lunch. It was great talking to the people gathered there and I got lot of new things to be known. One of the Rotarians told me, Andhra has very green vegetation, that too was visible while driving on the road. The other thing he told me was the temperature doesn’t dip below 20 degrees and may go upto 48 degrees. Many other discussions were made. Then, we had our lunch. I was served their traditional fish curry, which was really very delicious. And Deepak, being a vegetarian, ordered dal for his meal with rice. After having our lunch, as we started to move out of the restaurant, one of the Rotarians introduced us to the Chief Editor of some local newspaper. It was a nice moment. Then, bidding every Rotarian farewell, we headed towards the NH where one of the Rotarians leaded us to.  We kept riding on the NH.
At around 5:45pm, we were in Chennai. We were supposed to reach some T nagar,  which to our holy goodness, was too inside the city and we were literally lost, as we didn’t know where to go. People, also didn’t come to be of any help. So, I got an idea, I used the google maps on my cellphone and got the route. We reached the Peninsula hotel at around 6:15pm, where we had our room booked in the name of Rtn Babu Peram ji who is also the president of the Rotary Club. We got into the room and got ourselves freshened up. We went out at around 8pm to have dinner. We used the google maps in my cellphone to reach to a nearby Pizza Hut, for our dinner. Telling you frankly, it was the worst Pizza Hut, I have ever been to. Pizzas were served cold like ice, and the breads were hard to chew. It was a bad experience. But, we enjoyed the city’s ride anyways. After the dinner, we came back to our room and I updated the previous blogs, as we had an internet connectivity in Chennai. And, after updating two blogs, I slept.


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