Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 8: Vizag to Vijayawada.

We woke up at around 7 in the morning. And, then after getting ready, we received a call from the reception that someone has come to see me. It was President Rtn Raghu ji's cousin. He had come to  show us the way to Raghu Ji's place, where we had our morning breakfast. But before that, Rtn Vardha Reddy ji had come to have coffee with us and told us about the major cities of visit down south. So, he made us a road map on the tissue paper. After the coffee, we bade  him farewell and then, media people took our pictures while leaving. We then, followed Rtn Raghu's cousin to his place. We had another Press meet there. Electronic media and the print media was present to interview us. After the media interviewed us, we had our breakfast with Rtn Raghu ji. The breakfast was the typical South Indian food which included, Vadai, Idli, Dosai etc.There was present his son, who was around 9-10 years old. He was very eager to know about me and where was I from. Then, after having breakfast we left the place, as we were getting late.

After that, we left for Rajahmundry, where Rtn Bhaskar Ram and his fellow rotarians were waiting for us for the lunch. We took a halt on the way as we were bit sleepy. Then, after sometime, we both took a good nap and refreshed ourselves. After that, we both moved on and enjoyed the good weather and agricultural scenery around. It was a nice time riding our bikes through those green fields. We reached Rajahmundry, where the members of Rotary club Rajahmundry Rivercity, received us and then we had a press meet there too. The reporters interviewed us. After the press conference, we took our lunch. It was very delicious.  Then, the members of rotary club Rajahmundry Rivercity, felicitated us and honoured us with financial support for the remaining trip. We refused to take the money, but they forced us by saying they wanted to give us. Anyways, then after sometime, we left  for the day's destination, Vijayawada.

We started off for Vijayawada. Then, riding for around 60kms, we saw a brick kiln, where many people were working. I could not resist myself and stopped there for a photo shoot. After that, we left for the destination. We again took a halt at around 80kms before Vijayawada. Where we clicked a lot of pics and Deepak engaged himself in his favourite passtime, i.e. taking a nap. Then, after a  while,  we proceeded 
towards Vijayawada and then at around 5:15 pm, we reached our hotel, called Ilapuram hotel. There, Rtn Ashok Sethi, the president of the club, was waiting for us. He had made all the arrangements for our stay. After we got fresh, we went to the conference hall for our press conference. Many electronic and print media people had gathered there to interview us. They questioned me many things, as how do I interact with people, as I can't understand there language. I said, I can't interact with the local people, but the rotarians and rotaractors can spread my words with the local people.

After the Conference, me and Deepak, went out of the hotel to see the city and have dinner. So, we came across a shop selling hot chips and a child was the worker again. We had those chips and then went to other parts and had fresh fruits, grape juice and dry fruit shake. It was a nice time. We came back to the hotel and went to sleep.


  1. You guys have really made me and people around me to eagerly wait for the moment when India will be totally free of polio....Never felt so enthusiastic about this before..thanks :)

  2. How do you feel today Gaurav? You were a part of this great journey and campaign to make India polio free. Stay blessed. CJ